Just Another Mommy Blog

Hello, my name is Kara, and I’m a Mommy Blog Aholic.

Let me explain. I’m a twenty-something (almost thirty-something) stay at home mommy. Quick shout out to my awesome husband who works his a** off to allow me to be with our little girl. Our daughter, Addison Mae, was born in February and since then I have had a huge lifestyle change. Gone are the days of dressing up in big girl heels, and going to my big girl job to sit at my big girl desk. And hello to the days of poopy diapers, constant feedings, and crazy unexplainable bursting motherly love.

Since Addie arrived, I have spent countless hours, okay weeks, on the internet. Being a first time mommy, I am constantly googling different babyisms – how much should my baby eat, fun baby games, what’s this gross rash on her forehead…stuff like that. (Plus, all the newborn feedings give me a lot of one-handed couch time – thank goodness for my laptop.)  I ran across a few blogs with advice and noticed some other great recipes and crafty ideas. I’ve tried out a few of the ideas, and even came up with some of my own. And then, my sister hit me with the big one. Pinterest. BAM! I cannot explain this crazy addiction to find cool things on the internet and pin them to my board. But when I find something REALLY cool, it gives me some sense of heroism. Yes, I (that’s a BIG “I“) found this. So anyway — I have stumbled across so many amazing blogs, and I thought “Hey, I could do this.” So here goes. A blog about Me, My Husband, Baby Addie, and some of our adventures.

*Little Disclaimer (I believe there should be more disclaimers in life): I don’t consider myself a very good writer. I wish to be charming and entertaining, but I’m afraid I fall short. And I apologize for the endless Addie photos. I can’t help myself.

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