DIY Bookmark

The word “bookmark” just doesn't do these beautiful ribbons justice. After seeing them in Country Living, I went to the credited blog, Everyday Beauty, to buy one. But they were sold out. So I just had to make them myself. After going to 3 different craft stores (with a very tired toddler) I was told I wouldn't find velvet ribbon anywhere in my town. So Amazon got my ribbon business. I also had a heck of a time finding ribbon clamps. I finally found the last package of clamps at Michael's in the clearance section. But when I got home and tried clamping them they were too firm. Since I have hot glue master status, I got out my glue gun and stuck those clamps right on the ribbon. (And then logged into Amazon and ordered different clamps so I can make a few more.) The trinkets I had collected over time from the clearance section at Michael's and I also used some old costume jewelry that was passed down to me from my grandmother. Here's a quick do-it-yourself tutorial.

What You Need:
ribbon (I used 1 1/2 velvet ribbon)
ribbon clamps to fit the ribbon
trinkets and charms
jump rings
flat nosed jewelry clamp (or hot glue…)
needle nose pliers

What You Do:
Cut the ribbon into 9in lengths. Attach the ribbon clamp to the ribbon with the flat nosed jewelry clamp (or hot glue). Attach the charms and trinkets to the ribbon clamp with needle nose pliers. Add jump rings to separate the charms. Voila. Beautiful, Charming Bookmark.I made these two for Mother's Day presents. Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful Mothers out there!

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Lace Crown

DIY Lace Crowns. An absolute must if you have a little girl.

What You Need:
15 inches of lace per crown
fabric stiffener
acrylic paint
acrylic sealant
glitter (optional)

What You Do:
In a bowl, soak the lace in the fabric stiffener. I used my hands to really get the stiffener in every crevice. I found that the more stiffener the better. Once the lace is fully saturated, lay it flat on a piece of wax paper or aluminum foil. Flip the lace every hour or so until dry. I flipped it about 3 times then let it rest overnight. Once the lace is dry, paint it whatever color you wish. I did some pink ones that turned out beautifully. I even added some glitter to one. The gold and silver acrylic paint wasn't giving me the desired color. So I ended up using a gold and a silver stamp pad to get that royal shine. Glitter, of course, helped too. Once the paint or ink is dry, I sprayed 4 layers of acrylic sealant on the lace, letting the sealant dry in between each layer. The sealant didn't seem necessary for the pink crowns, but I would definitely recommend it if you use ink. Once the lace is fully dry, bend the lace to make a crown and secure with hot glue. The hot glue worked great and it was super quick. But I think next time I would go the extra mile and sew the ends together for a more finished look.
You can adjust the size of the crown by using more or less lace. I did a few crowns with 10 inches that are Oh So Cute. They would be adorable on a little princess, but would need to be secured with bobby pins to their hair. For babies, the larger fitted crowns seem to work better. I would love to hear any ideas or adjustments you made while making these! And of course, seeing pictures of little princesses modeling them would make my day!

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Wine Cork Herb Markers

Addison and I were spoiled this weekend with a visit from my mother. When she comes down to visit I feel like I have a free hall pass from reality. This visit included a trip to Lowe's and lots of time in our backyard. My mother has always enjoyed being outdoors, and when I look back through my childhood there is always a garden. My green thumb has never presented itself, so I've been a little scared to try gardening. But I was inspired this weekend and with Mom's help and guidance we now have ourselves a cute little herb garden, some tomatoes, sunflowers, and a potato vine to cover the not-so-visually-attractive chain link fence. After we had finished in the yard, and Addie was napping so sweetly in her bed, we put our feet up and relaxed for a bit. I remembered an herb marker I had seen on Pinterest and started telling Mom how cute and easy it would be to put together. Then I decided instead of just telling her about it I should get up off my hiney and actually make them! I knew I had all the supplies, and it sounded SERIOUSLY easy.

All You Need:
wine corks
bamboo skewers

All You Do:
1. Write the name of the herb on the wine cork.
2. Stick the sharp end of the skewer into the cork.
3. Stick the recycle herb marker into the soil next to the plant.
Pretty sure this was the easiest DIY craft I've made yet!

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I Love Us Free Printable

I have been meaning to post about this free printable for quite a while. But I just FINALLY got around to printing it out and putting it up in our home. Now it's ready to share :) The print is from Eighteen25 (one of my favorite blogs to check in with every day). It's available in 8 different colors, but I am loving the aqua today. Enjoy!

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